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Paloma Contreras Leiva

Paloma Contreras Leiva, is a young designer in the capital Vallisolitana born in 1984. Following a career in architecture and completed in 2008, there is a carry out their creative dreams: Get in the fashion world. Making a piece of art, and drawing his illustrations to the street.

There are three basic concepts with which it intends to play, the pledge to support pictorial works of art complement the design of the garment and the use of different materials and textures, liquid and solid.

Inspired by the flamenco and the Spanish tradition, the bright colors, the fresh look of the shirts made, casual style, street fashion and eco-fashion from freehand paintings, Paloma Contreras presented a new catalog a-time with a collection that is a work of art in itself.

Paloma Contreras with his signature Betty Moore decided to abandon his idea to start with the idea of ​​creating elite gateway designs, to begin to show their social networks CreAcción generating more casual fashion, the from the street.
It is at this point that the designer sees the need to be globally through the Internet with your web page where everyone can play for a day to compose their designs. For lovers of the arts and culture, has created a line of shirts that are an explosion of color, freshness and fashion. The collection is available with various models of flamenco, bullfighting / as exclusive patterns and horses who return to the folk style. They put the finishing touch their trimmings to finish creating a very unique and special item.

Designs for children, women and men, which neither the size nor the age of understanding taste.
® 2011 - Creaciones by Paloma Contreras
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